SID Media Lab started as an individual project which dealt with the music made with MOS Technology SID on the Commodore 64.

The main objective is modernology and critique of chipmusic and demoscene.

Please feel free to contact me if you have an opinion or request for me.


SID Media Labとは、コモドール64に搭載された音楽チップおよび、それを用いて制作された楽曲である”SID”についての、つつましやかな調査報告の場所です。



河野崇 Takashi Kawano / 赤帯 akaobi

E-mail: akaobi0827@gmail.com
Twitter: @aka_obi

執筆 | Writing

Bad Scene Poets――Demo-graphicsからDemo-graphismへ(”Bad Scene Poets-From Demo-graphics to Demo-graphism”) (jp)

Rob Hubbardを導入する (jp) / Introducing Rob Hubbard (en)

Musicroutine as  Substructure of Chipmusic (「チップミュージックの下部構造としてのミュージックルーチン」)(en/jp)

How to Play .SID Music (jp)

Keywords for inward’s Works (en/jp)

“Against Interpretation” of the Demoscene(「デモシーンの「反解釈」」)(en/jp)

Note for the Computationally Minimal Art(「演算的ミニマル・アートのためのノート」)(en/jp)

Chipmusic is in Progress: Process/Variation of Making Another Beeps(「チップミュージックは進行している――新たなるビープ制作のプロセス/ヴァリエーション」)(en/jp)

Book Review: ‘8-Bit Reggae’ by Nicolas Nova (en/jp)

Book Review: Several Ways to Famicom (en/jp)

Anti-Memoirs: An Experience of Chipmusic in Japan (For Keeping on Reopening SID Music), Scene World #24 (en/jp)


対話Dialogue, Interview

聴き取りコモドール・ジャパン史 / Back to Commodore Japan (en)
Conversation with ex-crew of Commodore Japan

Interview with JEA (SHARPNELSOUND) (jp)

Interview with Vince Kaichan (en/jp)

Interview with Hermit (en) / 日本語訳

翻訳 | Translation

・Baldwin, Neil: NTRQ Manual(「NTRQ日本語マニュアル」)

・Baldwin, Neil: Tutorials and Help(「NTRQ Tutorials」)

・Carlsson, Anders: Power Users and Retro Puppets – A Critical Study of the Methods and Motivations in Chipmusic(「パワー・ユーザーとレトロ・パペット--チップミュージックにおける手法と動機の批判的研究」)

・Clark, James: klystrack tutorials

・Heikkilä, Ville-Matias: Defining Computationally Minimal Art (Or, taking the “8” out of the “8-bit”)(「演算的ミニマル・アートを定義する(あるいは、「8-bit」から「8」を引く)」)

・Heikkilä, Ville-Matias: Putting the demoscene in a context(「デモシーンを文脈のなかで捉える」)

・Hermit, WithMaster,  and Akaobi: SID-Wizard 1.4 Manual(「SID-Wizard 1.4 マニュアル日本語版」)

・Hermit, WithMaster,  and Akaobi: SID-Wizard 1.5 Manual(「SID-Wizard 1.5 マニュアル日本語版」 )

・Kotlinski, Johan: Amiga Music Programs 1986-1995 日本語記事English article

・Konstantin, Elfmov (Elfh): A Brief History of the Russian Spectrum Demoscene(「ロシア・スペクトラム・デモシーン小史」)

・Konstantin, Elfmov (Elfh): Brief History of Russian Speccy Demoscene and the Story of Inward(「ロシア・スペクトラム・デモシーン小史」)

・McSweeney, Anthony: Rob Hubbard’s Music: Disassembled, Commented and Explained(「Rob Hubbardの音楽――逆アセンブルによる解説」)

・Öörni, Lasse (Cadaver): Building a musicroutine(「ミュージックルーチンの構築」)

・PyramidHead: SID VS PSG

・Sorlie, Audun: Interview with Neil Baldwin *Initially appearance at Original Sound Version
C64でキャリアを開始し、そこでのサウンド・ドライバ構築をもとにEurocomでNESサウンドトラックを多数手掛けたNeil ‘Demon’ Baldinのインタヴュー

・Sorlie Audun: Interview with Alberto González (Joe McAlby)
90年代、任天堂の携帯ゲーム機で数々のオーディオ・ワークを手掛けたスペインのコンポーザー、現在はAbylightでプロデューザー及びゲーム・デザイナーを主に務めるJoe McAlbyのインタヴュー。ウェブ上では初出の記事

・Tomczak, Sebastian: Handheld Console Comparisons: Lateral Consumer Machines as Musical Instruments(「携帯用ゲーム機の音質比較――楽器としてのラテラル・コンシューマ・マシン」)

・Tomczak, Sebastian: Authenticity and Emulation: Chiptune in the Early Twenty-First Century(「オーセンティシティとエミュレーション――21世紀初期のチップチューン」)

LittleGPTracker: Quick Start Guide

LittleGPTracker: Reference Manual


音楽ファイルの90年代 (‘The ’90s viewed from Music Files: Thinking about the Modern Significance of MOD/Tracker) at Tokyo University of the Arts on 04/19/2015

Tanikugu Guerrilla Night Vol. 3 at Shinjyuku 8bit cafe on 11/06/2015

資料 | Research

A List of Arcade [Coin-Op] Conversions for the Commodore 64 v.0.02

List of Works by Tim and Geoff Follin
Video game music discography of Tim and Geoff Follin.

Whereabouts are Entrants of Famicompo? – their sites and countries Rev. 1.1

SID compilations FLAC / MP3


SID-Wizard by hermitsoft and soci/singular

Contradiction by Tim Follin

8-bit Reggae: Collision and Creolization by Nicolas Nova

MIDINIZE by sigarami of Tanikugu

MIDINIZE II by sigarami of Tanikugu

klystrack wiki 日本語翻訳 by maak

Some projects until now

4 responses to “About

  1. Scott Troiano

    Just found your blog, awesome to find someone so into SID and chipmusic in Japan. I am enjoying you articles a lot, very informative.
    About me, I’m an Australian living in Japan, I have just gotten a C64 and am starting with composing some tunes. I really have been looking hard for like minded people (like yourself) to follow or get in touch with. If there are any groups or meet-ups you know of please let me know.
    Hope we can keep in contact.

    • はじめまして。
      I’m very surprised and glad at accepting a kind greeting from like you. Thank you for warm words and the rare experience.
      Also once I had no minded people around myself. Especially almost Japanese weren’t familiar with SID, so I started my blog.
      Now I’m in Yamaguchi, however my chipmusic-related PALs live in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka and Kyoto. Besides chipmusic parties are held in mainly Tokyo or Kyoto. So I usually talk with these persons on Twitter (my account is “aka_obi”).
      I hope to listen to your music and to see you at any parties someday.
      If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
      想像もしていなかった嬉しいメッセージをありがとう! これからもよろしくお願いします。

      Takashi Kawano

  2. Scott Troiano

    I live in Yokohama, so I suppose I’m lucky.
    I have found some gigs that are run by Cheapbeats (English site), but have trouble finding other gigs, because of my limited Japanese. Do you know of any sites I can look up for gigs or info?
    I will be going to Square Sounds in September(not playing just watching), what about you?
    Thanks for the link to your skydrive, are these songs your compositions?
    Lastly, what C64 gear do you have and is it possible to get any stuff in Japan? No I have just been ordering from ebay from the US.

    Talk soon

    • Alright :) I’ll research other gigs and tell you. But it is noticed that there are few English sites. “Cheapbeats” is an exceptional case.
      I’d like to go to Square Sounds, but can’t. Sad to say, because I have no holidays till September! Yet I’d like to go to Kanto within this year and meet some chip musicians.

      My SID compilations are aimed at archiving. I only selected and arranged tunes based on my research and some concepts. I composed some tunes with FM Synthesis more than 10 years ago. Making music with SID is my challenge and long-term project.

      My C64 gear:
      One C64 (NTSC / bought at Yahoo! Auction, very expensive though)
      One VIC 1541
      2xHardSID (imported from Hungary)
      A) 2×6581 + 2×8580 B) 2×8580
      and ordered 1541 Ultimate II from Germany (can’t accept for now, it supports good SID emulation)

      I hope to hold SID party in Japan and play SID DJ one day, so bought 2 HardSID units and 1541 Ultimate.
      It is hard to get any stuff about C64 in Japan. I think to buy one PAL machine at ebay, because almost demoscene products including SID trackers are produced on PAL.


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