Tanikugu Guerrilla Night Vol. 3 / The First SID Media Lab Talk Show

Set List

Set List of the midnight

2015年11月6日、新宿8bit cafeにておよそ二時間のあいだ、コモドール64の音楽とその多様な伝播について、AmigaやAtari STの音楽もふくむ、22の曲に言及し、実際に再生しながら話しました。このラジオ風のイベントは、もともとは谷蟇sgrm(以下、敬称略)によって発案されたもので、その夜も彼と彼の音楽仲間であり谷蟇のもう一人のメンバーであるsisho(Sloper)が、ライヴストリーミングのためのエンジニアリングを担当してくれました。残念にも、おそらく録音は残されていないので、翌日このイベントの要約を書き下ろしました(下記リンク参照)。

On 6th November 2015, I talked about the Commodore 64 music and its multiplex influence four about two hours at Shinjyuku 8bit cafe, playing and referring to 22 tunes in which there were the Amiga and Atari ST music as well. The radio-like event was originally offered by sgrm of Tanikugu, and him and sisho aka Sloper, his mate and the other member of the unit, took charge of engineering of live streaming at that night. Unfortunately, there is no recording (I guess),  I wrote the (limited) summary of the event next day:

Summary of Tanikugu Guerrilla Night Vol. 3 = SID Media Lab Night [PDF Format]

8bit cafe

8bit cafe at Shinyuku, Tokyo


Actually, we did not decide on the official name of it. Sgrm have done his radio show few times for introducing electronic music and chipmusic he selected under the name of Tanikugu Guerrilla Night at the same place. Therefore, I was also the guest to him at that night, however, he was the questioner this time. This kind of thing was my first experience and really exciting. I hope there will be the next opportunity.


We hurry to prepare our event.


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