Symposium on MOD/Tracked Music at Tokyo University of the Arts

* This article is written in both English and Japanese.


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シンポジウム:音楽ファイルの90年代 ─MOD/Trackerの今日的意義を考える

第一部 トークセッション 13:00~16:30

河野崇(SID Media Lab)


第二部 ライヴパフォーマンス 17:00~19:00


日時:2015年4月19日(日) 13:00~19:00
場所:東京藝術大学 千住キャンパス 3F スタジオA (東京都足立区千住1-25-1) 地図(Google Maps)


シンポジウム「音楽ファイルの90年代 ─MOD/Trackerの今日的意義を考える」にパネリストとして登壇します。

Summary: The very first symposium on MOD/Tracked music called ‘The ’90s viewed from Music Files: Thinking about the Modern Significance of MOD/Tracker’ will be  held at Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA) on 19th April. It is composed of two parts, presentations and discussion, and live performances. I participate in the former as a panelist along with Ryosuke Hidaka (TUA), Fumikazu Taniguchi (Kyoto Seika University), Haruhisa Tanaka (hally/VORC), and Yoshitaka Mouri (TUA). Taroper, BUBBLE-B (KARATECHNO), and Omodaka participate in the latter part. The first two will perform their MOD/Tracked music. The proposer Hidaka gives an overview of the symposium as follows: “In the ‘90s, personal computers (PC) and network environments began to be popularized, and digitization on making and listening to music was developed. Speaking about the technology which links music with PC, or music files, various possibilities have been opened up in terms of directions of technological development and the use. We can consider a set of MOD and Tracker, a general term of music sequencer dealing with MOD, as one of those possibilities. But today, unchangeable compressed audio formats characterized by MP3 have become mainstream accordingly, therefore one would almost think that old technologies of music files like MOD/Tracker were supposed to be dead and forgotten things. But if you look at today’s music cultures which are located around us, actually, it is not hard to find out one derived from the context of MOD/Tracker. The technologies and cultures related to MOD/Tracker are surviving albeit they are diffuse in music cultures , for example, in chiptune and netlables.”

Official Page by Ryosuke Hidaka



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