List of Works by Tim and Geoff Follin

List of Works by Tim and Geoff Follin ver.0.20 [Download] [PDF]

UKのビデオゲームコンポーザー、Tim FollinならびにGeoff Follinがサウンドトラックを手がけた作品のリストになります。

このリストはかつて存在したFollin兄弟に捧げられたファンサイト、The Follin Dromeをもとにしています。サイト管理人で公開の許可を与えて下さった(元)monotonikのSimon Carless(h0l)ならびにKeith Baylis(vimster)、そしてThe Follin Dromeの情報提供者の方々へ感謝を述べます。


This is the list of video game soundtracks and related works by Tim and Geoff Follin.

This list is heavily based on The Follin Drome/monotonik courtesy of Simon Carless, the administrator of the site. I want thank both Simon (h0l) and Keith Baylis (vimster) of (ex-) monotonik, and contributors for the site.

This list includes some demo tracks and unreleased tracks for video games, and not includes other tracks (e.g. film scores) for now.


Revision may be done without notice.

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